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Push Notifications: Close but no cigar

Apple does not allow apps on the iPhone to run in the background. They do this for a multitude of reasons, among them: power consumption and battery life, which in their own words “compromises the iPhone experience.” This unfortunately harpoons an entire class of applications, most prominently instant messaging applications that depend on an active [...]

MPOAuth on the iPhone, MPOAuthMobile

MPOAuthMobile, a small sample application that will demonstrate that basics of setting up your iPhone app to use MPOAuth. In this example the Twitter OAuth beta will be used, but any valid OAuth Producer can also be used

Lights Off Returns to iPhone

Steve Troughton-Smith, author of such fine iPhone apps as Speed and the jailbreak Dock enhancer Stack, has secured permission to release the game that originally made jailbreaking worthwhile, Lights Off. With new original graphics also by Adam Betts, and a rewritten code base featuring CoreAnimation snazzyness, soon we’ll all be again consumed with turning off [...]

Introducing MPOAuthConnection

Introducing MPOAuthConnectionm an easy to use OAuth API allowing you to connect to web services.